Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Summer of Selling Out

I know we're all far past summer, and if you're like me, you spent an entire day surrounded by SEC football. However, since it is still hot here (almost 90 yesterday, seriously?), I feel like some summer reflection is appropriate.

I really sold out this summer. Here are 5 reasons why:
1. Totally obvious, but I have a blog. Never, ever thought I'd do that...not hating on other people's blogs, I just didn't really think I had anything fun to share. Maybe I don't, but I'm still sharing :)
2. Along the same technological lines, I joined Facebook. Never, ever thought I'd do that either. I swore up and down that I would not let technology rule my relationships. In a time of surface interaction, I was determined to pursue meaningful and real contact with people. So much for that take on things. It's been so fun stalking people on Facebook for the last several months.
3. I registered for baby items at Babies R Us. Again, not judging anyone else's decisions. I just thought I could figure something else out. That place freaks me out. The good news is that I'm less than a month from having this baby, and it still freaks me out. I went today to pick up a few odds and ends, and I spent a lot of time staring and confused. Maybe I'm not a total sell out.
4. The Foster's got cable. Not just cable, but oodles of digital channels and DVR- which I'm TOTALLY obsessed with. I know. I'm like years behind. Let's talk about what I've been missing out on for the last several years- Bravo (like most shows, but I could watch The Rachel Zoe project for hours each day), I finally understand the Duggers, and I can watch So You Think You Can Dance in record time now that I can fast forward all the stupid parts. We told ourselves that it was okay to cave in and get cable/DVR because we're going to be stuck at home with a baby- and awake at crazy hours. Not so sure that is a great reason, but it worked for us.
5. Finally, (Courtney, you're going to be so disappointed in me) I bought a hairbrush. I haven't owned a normal hairbrush since maybe 1999?? I've only had one round brush that I used while I blew my hair dry, and that's it. I never brushed my hair outside of my time with the dryer. My dear friend Leah guided my purchase and affirmed that hair brushing was good. She is also a recent hair brushing convert. She's a stylist, so that makes me feel better. I do love how a mid-day brush fluffs my hair back up.

So there's the honest truth. I blame a lot of this on getting laid off in May- I had entirely too much time on my hands.

On a redeeming note, I did manage to start my own interior design business last month, and it's going great! I'm so thankful for it and really wish I would have done this earlier. I like being my own boss and working at my house while doing laundry. The website needs tweaking, but feel free to visit in the mean time. Some of you have seen a version of this site before...

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  1. great web site sarah! you have put together some really nice rooms. i had a nice time tagging along with you on friday and thought it was fun watching you in action. i really hope your new business takes off!! i think your awesome!