Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nursery Finished! (at least as much as its going to be)

Sorry for the prominent ceiling fan in this photo. Thanks to Brad and Megan for letting us borrow the infant seat! And to Ben and Beth for the crib!

I obviously still need to add pictures to the frame, and I want to paint a long horizontal canvas to go under it. Maybe that will be Sadie's Christmas present. I'm sure it is what she's hoping for. :)
Here's my crib skirt that I just sewed. Please ignore the wrinkles. I need to steam it. That's brown grosgrain ribbon. It looks dark and flat in this picture. I followed my friend Erika's brilliant concept for crib skirts- adjustable, perfect!


  1. Sarah! Glad to know you have a blog. This is so fun! The nursery is adorable and so are you. Can't believe you are about to have a little girl!!! We are so excited for you guys!

  2. Sarah! Soooooo cute! Just missing one key ingredient - the BABY!!! :) Glad my cribskirt tips came in handy!!! Enjoy these last couple of weeks and get excited - MOTHERHOOD IS THE BEST!!!