Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Since its been awhile...

Thought you might be wondering if Sadie was still around and if she had any personality...

That's her new, "whachutalkinboutwillis" face.
And she is officially a toddler now. She goes from that to this in the blink of an eye. Please note the Donald Trump comb over.

And yes, she is my hysterical little ray of sunshine.

Follow Up

I thought yall might want to see the daybed recovered and the peacock pillows' resting place. I'm so excited about how this room is shaping up. We're not done yet, but we've gotten over the first hump.
I LOVE their new custom sized rug that we ordered. It is super fun, and I'm really confident their friends won't have the same one. This has been an exciting client for me because they wanted things that were different. Love that.
In other news, the cut velvet that we've been waiting on since NOVEMBER finally came in last week and I delivered the pillows this morning. Crazy about these pillows and colors together.
And, I finally updated my website, so you can see some new pictures and freshness there. Back soon with a Sadie update.