Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To Kentucky and back

The first week of April is always a big week for our little family because it is our anniversary and my birthday (clearly the most important day of the year). This year was even a little more special because it was our 5th anni and my 30th. We headed to Kentucky to celebrate with family and let Sadie spend some time with Gram and Pops while Stephen and I ate some good food, made no plans, slept in, and lived like a couple of adults.

We had a great week, and then this past weekend had to turn around and fly back to Kentucky because my sweet Nana Irene passed away on Friday. She was such a lovely lady, and her passing on was bittersweet. She'd struggled with Alzheimer's for nearly 18 years, so we'd really lost her years ago. The great news is that we have so many fond memories of her hospitality, love for others, generosity, love of the outdoors and golf, and more. Some of you probably saw this photo on facebook through the rest of my family, but I thought I'd post it here.
Back to the first trip, Sadie fell in love with wearing this baseball hat.

She also fell even more in love with Gram and Pops...
And with riding the big wheel with her hat and the princess bike helmet (her own idea, we're not that nervous).
Mom and Dad's cherry blossom tree was in bloom, which always signifies that its birthday time!
Please look at this picture below...does anything seem funny to you?
Wrong dog.
Going to post more from this trip later, but have to run. Happy Tuesday!