Friday, October 16, 2009

The New Modesty

Hey readers (all 4 of you)!

I love anything that combines design and psychology. I went to an ASID meeting last week (the professional association I'm a member of) and it was all about color theory- my FAV! During the whole presentation, the entire color spectrum was spread out behind the speaker. Nothing makes me happier than seeing all those beautiful colors and possibilities! I did get to learn some fun new info about color and psychology, which was super exciting. If I tried to convey it here, you probably get pretty bored.

Nonetheless, here's your dose of design and psychology for today. Thanks to Stephen and the WSJ for the article. I like the Newsies (open the gates and seize the day!) vibe of some of the new fashion collections. It's a subtle luxury- really great materials and tailoring. I'm just so glad we're moving past all the bling. Let's all just be real people- not the real housewives of Atlanta (which I hypocritically watch- at least I'm honest about it, right?).

This post would be more fun with some eye candy...

Dearest Ralph Lauren:

I couldn't help but start out with this Canadian tuxedo, though admittedly, here are my favorite parts of this outfit. The jacket has great lines. The hat is killer (no where to wear it, but would). And I have decided that I support the purchase of distressed boyfriend jeans. Maybe once I have a waist again, I'll consider the purchase.

More Ralph...those of you who know me know I love me some overhauls.
Hermes goes sporty.
Thanks to for all the photos. I recently got to help my friend Amy style her nephews for a photo shoot in this style- so fun. View it here.

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  1. You better believe I'm going to tap into your style prowess again for many more photo shoots!! You are most certainly one of my style/fashion icons :)
    - Amy