Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Several Obsessions of the Week

I'm trying to do better about wearing what I've deemed "adult makeup." And after looking through my fall magazines, I've decided to try red lip stain and dark chocolate/cherry nails. So far I LOVE both of the products I chose.
1. Tarte lip stain in firey (lust pictured below, couldn't find firey on their website). I love the lighter coverage and matte finish. It feels less risky than lip stick, especially in red.
2. Sephora Collection nail polish in Night Cap (couldn't find a picture of that either, but stay tuned for pictures of our weekend in a future post and you'll see it on). The only negative about this is true about all dark nail colors. You can really tell when you're outside the lines, and you can really tell when it chips.

Give them a whirl, and you'll feel like you spruced up your existing Fall wardrobe.

Also, I've been meaning to tell yall, since like August, how much I LOVE pretzel M&M's. So delicious, and I feel less guilty since they're half pretzel.
I'm also so excited about the Fall wreath I made.
I looked on Etsy for some modern Fall wreaths, and decided I could take a few ideas (sorry to all you Esty sellers) and make my own. This is a compilation of a few things I saw. It was SUPER easy to cut the pieces of fabric, hot glue them around a green foam wreath form, and then make the flower. I topped it off with another one of my grandmother's old earrings. I think it could look good all winter, so I'm excited about that too.

Need to run because lots of this is happening...
Peep those skinny jeans! Thanks Hayes Barton Consignment sale!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Intern

I have an intern. She is SUPER cute, works for free, and is clearly enthusiastic.
I honestly came around the corner the other day and found this situation that hopefully is a glimpse into her future :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Catching Up

Since we went to Montana, we've been busy peeps...lots of work, two trips, and everyday. Here's the catch up...
We took a last minute trip to Louisville for fun and for Sadie to meet a couple of very important people for the first time.
Sadie and PawPaw RG (my mom's dad):
She LOVED him and instantly reached out for him- so sweet. We are so thankful that he and Yvonne drove up from Dawson Springs to spend time with us. It was also great to meet Yvonne (my grandpa's new wife) for the first time. We're looking forward to lots more time with them at Christmas.
Then we went to see Nana Irene. This is special because Sadie is partially named for my grandmother (whose real first name is Katherine, Sadie's middle name). For those of you who knew Nana, this picture may make you a little sad, but I thought it was really important to share. Nana was a vibrant, active, sporty, sophisticated, artistic lady. Really a lady through and through. Nearly twenty years of Alzheimer's have stolen the spring from her step and the spirit from her eyes. She doesn't know who we are or why it was important that she meet Sadie, which is honestly heartbreaking. However, I am so glad that Sadie was able to meet her.
And again, for those of you who knew her, my first reaction at this visit was that I have never in my life seen her in a t-shirt with words on it :)

We also spent time with some younger folk- aka super fun cousins (well nephews and a niece)

Labor Day was beautiful in Louisville- the weather was perfect, so we spent lots of time in my parent's backyard, one of my favorite places.
A quick Sadie update- she will be 11 months old next week (unbelievable). She has grown so much lately. She's a little over 19 lbs. and is a smidge over 28" tall. She has some adorable chubby thighs. And has started wearing some super cute hot pink sneakers...
She's sweet, cuddly, funny, and pulling up on everything. Also, don't you think her hair looks like my brother's?
Okay. His looks better and is a little more tame.

This past weekend, I got to take a much needed, child-free trip to meet up with some of my college girlfriends in the mountains of North Georgia. It was SO MUCH FUN seeing everyone and getting to spend real time together. I am so grateful for each of them, and the weekend left me feeling replenished. There is nothing like laughing with your girlfriends.
We were in a super small town, so we just hung out at the cabin, ate tons of dessert, walked, and visited.
It was really great. The drive home was not my favorite, but I did get to see the Smokies being quite smoky in all the steamy rain.
Can't wait to do both of these trips again!