Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sew Crazy!

Thanks to Jayme, who graciously let me nab her sewing machine for a couple weeks, I've been sewing like crazy. Can anyone say nesting? I had lots of left over fabrics and things I'd been hanging onto. I decided it was time to take action. I feel like I'm gaining some confidence with the sewing machine, so maybe in the near future I'll try something that isn't basically a square. Until then, enjoy these manipulated squares...

Living Room window treatments- roll up shades (sorry this picture is dark)
Okay, so this one is not sewn, but still, I was pretty excited about recovering this slip seat.
Hall bath sink skirt (please ignore everything in this bathroom but the skirt) Baby steps to improvement...
Kitchen window treatment


  1. Sarah- congrats on your projects! They look sooooo good. I love them all- they add character to all the rooms!

  2. love these! especially the kitchen fabric- what is it???

  3. I love that you called the window treatments "manipulated squares". That made me giggle! I love all the new stuff... baby steps, right?!? Such a great reminder :)