Monday, September 14, 2009

Sweet Bunnies!

When Sara Rife asked me to paint these bunnies for her son Will's nursery I was excited for two reasons:
1. I'd get to contribute to his nursery and feel like there is a little part of me hanging over his crib (not in a scary way).
2. I normally don't do such traditional paintings, but I really enjoyed it.
I think they turned out nicely. Enjoy!


  1. Hey! I LOVE them- you should do more! Everyone at the shower was oogling (?) over them. Are you going to make anything for your baby's room?

  2. Yes, I second Cameron... I love these!!!

  3. Sarah! They are beautiful! Love them!

  4. LOVE THEM!!!!! SO AMAZING! Now I'm racking my brain to see what you could paint for me??? hmmm....