Saturday, September 5, 2009

Guest Room Shades

Hey Friends!
Sorry I've been lame about blogging the last week or so.  There's been a lot going on- more posts to come.  I quickly wanted to get this one out before we head to the flea market (hooray!).  I've been wanting to learn to sew, and I have been trying to work with my Great Aunt's ancient Singer sewing machine that is built into a table.  B-I-G mistake.  I'm not skilled enough to have a challenging machine.  I need one that  makes me look good.  Please keep your eyes pealed for the antique gem on Craig's List.  :)  Nonetheless, when mom was in town we got to borrow my dear friend Jayme's machine so we could make some progress (peep Jayme's adorable creations at her blog).  Our first task was to make fixed roman shades for my guest room.  I had some leftover fabric from college (don't worry former roommates, the crazy bandana fabric lives on).  I mostly used my friend Darby's tutorial, but we made a few adjustments...
First, here are the finished shades:

On the previously mentioned tutorial, Darby hot glued her blackout lining in.  Mom and I thought it was easier for us to sew it in.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of that, but just stitch the face fabric and the lining together and then make your finishing edge seams.
We also decided to use a little of the extra fabric to wrap the 1x2's.  Be sure to wrap the ends too so you don't see the wood once the treatments are hung:
Here's a picture of the finished shade stapled to the 1x2, just for a visual:
After mounting it, we tacked in the folds and laughed our heads off while mom tried to actually hang the treatment in the room.  Don't worry, she was able to do it, and she wasn't about to let my pregnant self teeter on the step ladder.
Now I just need to hang things on the walls in there and paint the walls and trim.  I'm thinking white trim and lime wash on the walls- any thoughts?
Enjoy and give this simple task a whirl!  
PS-I think I used about 2 yards fabric.  Hope that is helpful.  Let me know if you have more questions.

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  1. Have no fear roomie b/c my guest room is still sporting my PB "luau" quilted bedding. So I'm right there with you!