Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I feel like I'm still playing catch up from being out of town, so here are a few more of our recent happenings:
Happy 1st Father's Day to my WONDERFUL husband! You are an incredible father, and I love watching you and Sadie together. Thanks for all that you do for us!
Sadie has graduated from her Bumpo seat to a real highchair. It was mine, and it includes a belt. So far, she seems to like it. (Don't worry, we don't leave her unattended in the chair since it is so roomy at this time.)
Recently, it occurred to me that I've not told you guys about something VERY important and VERY near and dear to us.
And yes, I'm still chugging through the Harry Potter books. Back to the good stuff...
Our friends Jayme and Dan introduced us to the BEST bbq ever. We go there all the time, and really they should start to pay us a marketing commission. It's Backyard Bar-B-Que. The building is unassuming, and the people couldn't be friendlier. Pictured above is the pulled pork sandwich- Eastern Carolina style (which means the sauce is vinegar based- YUM), hush puppies, green beans, and mac 'n cheese. Not pictured, the BEST fried okra you've ever had. I'm not kidding. The sides are all down home favorites- yams, greens, cabbage, brunswick stew. If you live here, you must go. If you come visit us, you must go. Did I mention that the meal above is $4.99? Awesome. I should also note that they have been on the Food Network and the Travel Channel (Throwdown and Man vs. Food). Enjoy, please!

I'll be back soon with another little home reno and some design stuff and maybe some music suggestions. Peace.


  1. O.k. could Sadie get any more cuter? And that BBQ looks so good! Missing that place and their mac and cheese!

  2. Backyard BQ YUM, saying the building is "unassuming" is being very nice LOL
    The food is soooooo good! We are in agreement that the fried okra is the best ever! Wish we could share BBQ dinner with you on a regular basis.

  3. I forgot to mention how sweet Sadie looks in her mommy's highchair.

  4. Yes-we LOVE going to get BBQ there! I agree-best okra, mac and cheese and sweet pot. Also, I'm so impressed with the dress. I think I'm going to start sewing a few clothes too. Thanks for the motivation!