Friday, June 4, 2010

The Joys of Motherhood

Motherhood, for me, has lead to the disappearance of purses. I admit, I am kind of okay with that. However, there are days when I just don't feel cool, and I want to have a bag that remotely coordinates with my outfit. All this leads me to point out that my life is filled with dirty diapers. In my purse/bag. In my trunk. In the backseat. It's pretty gross that I'm so used to diapers that I am willing to just throw them into my bag and carry them around until I get home. I mean I WANT to have to push pass them to find my wallet when I'm paying for my lunch. Wouldn't you?
Stephen thinks this is disgusting, especially when I forget that I've stashed them somewhere. He can't believe that this neat-freak has resorted to toting around dirty diapers. He says (in a loving, teasing tone), "I just never thought you'd be that kind of person." Neither did I, but I am. Parenthood is filled with moments where I prove myself wrong. I'm quickly learning to never say never.
Well, need to run and clean out my bag and my car while Sadie's taking her nap. Happy Friday!


  1. Aunt Suzanne says you need zip lock bags so the diapers do not add "fragrance" to your purse/bag/car LOL

  2. Hi! Just found your blog & love it already :o) Your daughter is adorable...and you live in North Carolina! (my favorite state--even though I've never been!). I can't wait to read more about life in North Carolina..(I've wanted to move there since high school)...Anyways, just wanted to say hi from your new blog fan in California

  3. HotTub, Numero Uno- I too was just thinking last night as we were departing for another date night (!)... "Where are my cute purses?" While I could find THREE of Will's bags, I could not find any of mine! Numero Dos- I find diapers everywhere as well and even the stinky ones don't bother me. However, I do like your Aunt Suzanne's idea!! xoxo and miss you. Love, Helenard

  4. I love this post. I find myself doing things all the time that I swore I would not do. I change poopy diapers and don't wash my hands afterwards. There I said it. I also have a suggestion to the lack of cute purse crisis and that is look at the Petunia Pickle Bottom line of bags/clutches. Yes, it still is a method of toting things for your child, but you look good doing it. But let's be honest, who is really looking when I have a 10 month old on my hip or in my buggy buying Apple juice and diapers with Puffs in my hair. =) LOVE YOU!!!