Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beach Baby!

We just spent a wonderful week at the beach- North Topsail Island, here in NC to be specific.
Sadie seemed to like feeling the sand between her toes and splashing in the water. It was so fun because we got to go with a bunch of family- my parents, my brother's family, and my dad's brother's family... I can't really even pin point the last time my brother and I got to stay in the same house. I think its been nearly 10 years, which is totally unbelievable. When we go home to Kentucky to visit, we just get lunches and dinners with family, so it was fun to have lots of concentrated time together. We sorely missed my cousin Katy and her husband, Brian. They were planning to come, but a last minute job offer kept them in Connecticut- Congrats on your great new job, Katy!
Here's a picture of the whole gang:
And I loved this picture of my parents with all of their grandkids...
The humidity wreaked havoc on Sadie's hair :)
If anyone is looking for a nice, quiet family beach, you should give Topsail a whirl. Our house was awesome for a big group (table easily sat 12+). Contact me if you want the address and info. We stayed in nearly every night and cooked dinner. It was very low key, which everybody needed. We spent most of the time on this GREAT deck...
There was also a little of this (I'm already out there in the blue kayak):
Too bad we didn't take a video of Stephen and I trying to come in for the first time. Hysterical wipe outs, and we contributed to the sunglasses graveyard that is the Atlantic Ocean.
Hooray for family! Hooray for the beach!


  1. Sadie's hair is curly AND her Gram would love to have those sweet curls! 24/7 at the beach with those we love... nothing better :) Ready to go again!

  2. Looks like fun! Glad you were able to spend time with family...and on the beach too!!

  3. Which should I comment on first... Sadie's adorable swimsuit with bows on the shoulder, her curly hair, or the Hedge family photo?? LOVE them all, thanks for sharing!!