Monday, May 10, 2010


While watching a game last night, it occurred to me that baseball is the only sport where the coaches wear the uniform. Why would they do that? Do they really need to be in sliding pants, just in case? What if Roy started wearing a Carolina basketball uniform? Inappropriate.
Why does stuff like this only happen when Stephen is working on a Saturday?
And why do I feel guilty when I do this during Sadie's afternoon nap?
Maybe I won't feel so guilty this week since I had to deal with that tree this weekend :)
And yes, 11 years later, I'm reading Harry Potter, and I'm kind of obsessed (to my complete surprise).
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day! Stephen was very sweet and cooked me pancakes. I had a great first Mother's Day- thank you, Stephen!


  1. Friend: You make great points! So what did you do about the fallen limb? Have you thought about indulging in the Twlight series? I did and have been so pleased :) Love you! Glad you got some sunshine and quiet time while Sadie napped. XOXO.

  2. SF- I just love that you are still using that Quest handy dandy seat of yours... I can just picture you in it right now. :) And so sorry about the fallen limb. I bet you used your super muscles (that you have worked on while toting your little one around) and lifted it off yourself.

  3. I'm impressed that you blanked out your license plate, good situational awareness.