Monday, May 31, 2010


I know you'll be so glad to check this blog and not see 9 by Design. Can't believe 20+ days have passed. Opps.
Well, here's what we've been doing.
These folks came for a visit:
We had a great time- golf, shopping, eating, drinking...what else can you ask for? Can't wait to see them (and the WHOLE Hedgspeth fam) in two weeks at the lovely beaches of NC!
The day Mom and Dad headed out, we hosted a party to celebrate our friends Dan and Jayme's time here in NC. We love where we live, but being the in middle of Duke and Carolina makes May difficult. Every year we lose friends to graduation and new jobs out of town. Dan and Jayme moved back home to Michigan and our other great friends, the Smith's, headed to Indy. Both are dearly loved and dearly missed already.
Back to the party, with lots of friends and lots of kiddos!
Brad and Julie (below) get a gold star because they came all the way from Nashville to surprise everyone.
Here is our shepherding group, mixed past and present:
We love these people, and they bless us daily!
We also had Lillie over for a mini slumber party. Date night swap is the best idea ever. Thanks McGinity's!
I know you love my child's drool covered chin and dirty bib. Gross.

Here's a cute one, just so she can redeem herself (and to prove that we have been spending time at the pool) This hair has a mind of its own...
I will be back with more soon, I promise. Including a great before and after...


  1. Loving the picture of Sadie and your parents, too cute! Miss you guys.

  2. I LOVE THIS POST! Not because of our photo, but enjoyed seeing all your awesome friends and their children! I know you will miss Jayme so much, but I am certain she will come back for a visit - right Jayme?
    We, too, are counting the days until the BEACH! Glad to see Sadie is getting a little sun time already :)