Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Six Month Birthday, Sadie!

My little bit is getting so big! Check out that shoulder definition- she's pumping iron. (Sidenote- $10 says that when my mom reads this post that she will tell me I should have ironed Sadie's sunhat- love you, mom) I was getting ready to type that I can't believe that six months have passed, but I kind of can believe it. Babies are a lot of work- a lot of wonderful work. I am so thankful for Sadie, and we praise God for these past six months. Let's reflect on when she was fresh into the world....
Is she saying "west side" in this picture? It's also funny to she her with dark and straight hair.
Enough reflecting, let's note that Sadie made her first trip to the pool this past weekend. I unfortunately forgot that she'd need swim diapers, so next time, we'll get in. If she is anything like her mom, she will spend a lot of time at the pool. I would occasionally leave the pool to attend my college classes, and even then, kept my suit on under my sundress and picked up an ice cream cone on the way. Nice. This is when Stephen would start singing Glory Days to me.
On another note, my roses are GORGEOUS this year:

Hope everyone had a happy Tuesday! I'll be back soon with a post about the My Morning Jacket concert.


  1. I LOVE Sadie's suit- glad you all are putting it to good use at the pool!! Cheers for summertime!

  2. I'm with Cameron on the fact that I love Sadie's suit! Dar-LING!

  3. Okay, you are right - I would have ironed the hat, but it is adorable just as it is :) Cannot wait to see the roses next week.....AND, of course, Stephen, you and SADIE with those SWEET curls on her head!!!