Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wrong Number

This will be a picture free post, but I promise it is worth reading.

I've been getting texts from someone I don't know...ghetto texts. Hysterical. After tonight's interaction, I had to share...See our conversation below (not all from tonight):

Wats up boo *~* cherry lips; bangin hips; baby yuh no yuh cant handle this *~*
(This was the first one, I didn't reply. Just showed Stephen and we laughed)

Fwd- whats your honest opinion bout me? Answer then send to ten people see what they think about you!
(Also didn't respond. Who knew there were text forwards?)

My room is da spot call me Mrs. Flinstone I can m... hI *~* mackey22 *~*
(I edited to make this more appropriate. This is from a song- BedRock by Young Money & Lloyd. Don't get nervous. I had to look it up on iTunes. I just heard it for the first time the other day. The sexual cartoon reference made me laugh and roll my eyes, but was apparently memorable.)
Finally, I respond:
Hello. Your texts are funny but I think you have the wrong number saved in your phone. I am sure someone else will like to have their body rocked :)
(Also from the song)

Their response:
Lol ok my bad boo
*~* mackey22 *~*

Hope you think this is as funny as I do. I love being called boo.