Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Update

It's still cold here. Bummer. I'm so over winter.
That's my favorite bundle. Thanks, Ashley Spann for the great knit hats that fit Sadie's little noggin!
It was also Valentine's Day, and my sweet hubby brought home these. Don't you love when someone does something to show that they know you?
You may have noticed my new Thom Filicia book. I got to meet Thom Friday in High Point, and it was super fun. He has quite the resume, and I just didn't realize it. For you design folks, he worked for Parrish Hadley post design school and then worked for Jeffery Bilhuber. Most of you will recognize Thom from his TV shows: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Dress My Nest. I know this is a weird thing to point out, but I really liked the question and answer because he is an EXCELLENT communicator. Great vocabulary.
He was in High Point because FurnitureLand South (dorkiest name ever) is the first store in the country to showcase his new furniture line (through Vanguard). The furniture looked great- check it out.

On a different note, I am totally into this right now:
Check those stats! So good for you! I have mine with milk and a little bit of brown sugar and maple syrup.
Also very into this:
It's so much cheaper than the major Greek yogurt brands. I think Stoneyfield's is my favorite.
This little one also has decided to start rolling over like a champ. Hooray!
That's the weekend update!


  1. oh my gosh sarah! these pics of sadie are soooo precious!

  2. That little nugget is adorable! I'll get the rolling video to you soon :)

  3. LOVE those pictures of your bundle, Sadie! I used to like Cream of Wheat, but haven't tasted it in YEARS. I think I put honey in mine?? Just a suggestion.... LOVE your Valentines hydrangeas- way to go Stephen!

  4. Sadie has changes so much, and funny/random about the cream of wheat since I just got some but haven't tried it yet. Total inspiration to try it tomorrow AM!!