Monday, February 8, 2010

Throwback! Chi-town

Hopefully this will be the first of several occasional throwback posts. I'm trying to acquire a scanner so that will really open up the possibilities. Anyway, post-college, I lived in Chicago with my good friend Cameron. And good friend Amy was down the street. At the time, Stephen was finishing college at Wheaton, so he was down the road as well (way down the road). Cam and I were blessed to get to live in Lincoln Park, and we recently said if we had to do it all over again, we'd live on the same street:
In the same apartment:
By the way, sorry these pictures are so small. A few years ago, something happened to our pictures on our computer, and it permanently shrunk all of them :( It is kind of appropriate though, since I think our apartment was like 700 square feet.

Here are Stephen and I with the shoe rack that almost caused us to break up. Has anyone else ever put one of these together?! Definitely a low point in our relationship...
The other sad news is that I don't have any digital pictures of Cam and I in Chicago. It makes me feel totally old that I was still using a film camera when we lived there. All of these were on Stephen's camera. Thanks for being such a stellar roomie, Cam! I miss living with you!

This was our El stop. Armitage has the cutest and best shops and restaurants. I frequently miss The Twisted Lizard, Pasta Pallazzo, Anthony's Italian Ice, and the Illy Coffee shop, and Art Effect, and Lori's, and ...
This was my office building, The Merchandise Mart. I got to work for Holly Hunt, which was pretty awesome since she is based out of Chicago.
A few more things to love about The Windy City:

That's my nephew, Jeremiah. So cute in his Cubbie tee. He turns 8 next month...
And here is a random picture I came across while grabbing these. Here I am, recently engaged, with RED hair. Enjoy.


  1. If your relationship can withstand putting the shoe rack together you guys can make it through anything!! Btw, looks like a great place to have lived.

  2. Oh memories, sweet sweet memories! I have some photos that I could probably scan and send to you... hmmm. Oh, and your apartment was 700 sq. feet of awesomeness I might add!

  3. Ah yes, I also have memories of Chicago; some good, and some mixed :)

  4. LOVE the red hair! I want to see more photos!

  5. I'm so glad you've permanently captured some of the Chicago experience on the web! Loved our time there!!