Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Road Trip!

Sorry I've been MIA. I started back to work, and it has been harder to balance than I thought (but I still love it). Plus, Sadie and I headed out for our first road trip together- to Kentucky! The drive there was...interesting. Sadie was awesome; my car was not. Wa-wa. It broke down in the mountains of West Virginia. Super. However, it was totally fine. Here are some highlights- a sweet older fella topped of my oil (lesson in compassion and giving), I happened to break down an hour from my cousin (who graciously picked us up), we also are blessed to have connections through family friends to the VW dealer in West Virginia (who were amazing and helped me get the work done under warrantee- hallelujah!), and my dad got to swoop in and save the day and pick Sadie and I up (bless his heart- 7+ hours round trip). So 14 hours later, we were in KY.
This is how you know you're in Kentucky:
It was really fun to share Sadie with family and friends. Gram and Pops are very sad that we are back in NC.

Here are puppy updates for those of you who are interested...first Sam, then Sunny.

Once I started this post, I realized how many pictures mom must have on her camera. I'll add more once I get them from her. In the meantime, here are some.
Larry and Kelly
We got to see Sara and meet sweet Will- hooray!
Happy Birthday, Birdo!
Part of my trip to KY included making stops for my favorite tomato soups- Napa (below) and Cheddar Box. Delicioso!
Thanks for having us, everyone! We loved seeing you! Miss you already.


  1. Thanks for coming to visit. We LOVED meeting Sadie and spending time with you too!!

  2. Fun trip!!! Love seeing all the girls too :)

  3. Love all the info and photos! The "Sweet Pea" onesie is darling!!! See you soon :)

  4. My VW also "broke down" this week, 700 dollars later...