Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry (Belated) Christmas: Part II

We absolutely love when we get to go to Colorado to visit Stephen's family. First because we love them and second because of this:
Oh, and this (Garden of the Gods -with my favorite Kissing Camels at center- with Pike's Peak in the background):

It's so beautiful there, and just so different than here in North Carolina. Every time we go out there we talk about living there...but I just love the South so much. I love that we only have a two hour drive to the beach from our house, and I like being able to get shrimp and grits at most restaurants nearby. Where would I get things monogrammed (just kidding)? And I would honestly miss hot pink azaleas come springtime. However, as much as North Carolina thinks they offer skiing, they don't offer this:
Stephen, Rick, and Kyle had a great time at Copper Mountain with about 4" of fresh powder. Not the most powder, but plenty to enjoy.
I don't really have anything to say about this picture, other than that I like it.
We had to creatively bundle Sadie for her first cold Colorado winter. Here she is ready to hit the car seat in some vintage wool mittens (don't mistake them for oven mits) and fleece shoes (no, her feet aren't that big). Hysterical.
Also, a few semi-serious notes: Sadie has been in this brace for the last six weeks. It is to help correct her hip dysplasia. Hopefully she will get it off this coming Tuesday. Thanks so much for praying for her hip to heal! The Doctor is very positive, so we feel hopeful that her harness days are coming to a close. We also want to thank everyone who prayed for our flights. I was quite anxious to fly with a little one. My imagination took me to every nightmare situation- like crying for an entire 4 hour flight and an overnight-stuck-in-the-Chicago-airport-without-enough-diapers delay. God blessed us with smooth flights, minimal delays, very little crying, and a sleepy little traveler. Thanks very much for all of your prayers- they worked!

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