Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Miscellaneous Stuff

I'm back! Sorry again for leaving you hanging for so long. I know all 4 of you were totally devastated :) I have so many posts to write, but here are some random things to share.
Don't you just love Etsy? Gram sent Sadie this super cool mobile for Christmas. She loves it, and so do I. I don't think you have to be a baby to like this. Get yours here. Sorry my pictures not great. I was too lazy to keep trying. Just being honest.
How cute is this kid? Thanks Aunt LOM for the fun onesie!
I am totally obsessed with this tea. I drink it hot. Its so warm and so refreshing at the same time. I know it looks weird. You're not mistaken- it is the consistency of jelly. You put a few teaspoons in hot water and it dissolves. It does have rinds in it. I like them and tell myself I'm getting more fiber. You can only get it at the Asian grocery, but it is well worth the trip. Enjoy.
So random, but please look at the shape of our bread this week. Really? Did someone smoosh it or what? I see the profile of the gopher from Caddyshack. What do you see (besides my love of butter)?
More new posts to come- including a before and after and a throwback!
Did anybody see the Avett Brothers on Austin City Limits? So glad they played some older stuff. I like their new quiet stuff, but I love them best when they are yelling and heavy on the banjo.


  1. oh my goodness! Sadie looks so big! I can't believe how she's grown since Christmas!! :)

  2. The sweat pea onesie and leggings are to die for!!

  3. What an incredible Cinderella story, this unknown comes outta no where to lead the pack, at Augusta. He's on his final hole, he's about 455 yards away - he's gonna hit about a two-iron I think. Oh he got all of that one! The crowd is standing on its feet here, the normally reserved Augusta crowd - going wild - for this young Cinderella, he's come outta no where, he's got about 350 yards left, he's gonna hit about a five-iron, don't you think? He's got a beautiful backswing - that's - Oh he got all of that one! He's gotta be pleased with that, the crowd is just on its feet here, uh - He's the Cinderella boy, uh - tears in his eyes I guess as he lines up this last shot, he's got about 195 yards left, he's got about a - its looks like he's got about an eight-iron. This crowd has gone deathly silent, the Cinderella story, outta no where, a former greenskeeper now - about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac - It's in the Hole!

    (copied and pasted, not recited...but as soon as you said Caddyshack I forgot what the post was about!)