Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back At It!

Well, I nearly gave up. Do you know how many times I've written this post (well tried loading the pictures)? Sparing you an invitation you to my pity party, let me say that I have risen from the online photo storage ashes, and I think I've gotten my technical difficulties under control. For now. That behind us, I think we should press on...well, actually take a trip down (recent) memory lane.

As you may know, Sadie turned one November 4th. It was super exciting to celebrate my child's birthday. It actually pushed me into a lot of retro and intro -spection. I am now the mother of a one year old, a longer the mother of a little babe. It all went VERY quickly. Each phase has been so unique and in all honesty, rewarding. She's really pushed me to be more and give more than I ever thought I could. Stephen and I are both SO grateful for our Sadie Girl, and can't believe God chose to bless us with someone so wonderful.

We celebrated simply. Small soap box, mothers of America, don't be afraid to have a good old fashioned birthday party- homemade treats, paper plates, Funfetti cake mix and icing. Pretend you've never heard of Martha Stewart. Anyway. Here is Sadie's personal cake and the hat I made her out of a frozen waffle box and some fabric. And no. She would not wear it. Maybe one day...
Here is the during...
Sadie, if one day you read this blog, know how deeply loved you are. Already, at your first birthday. We cannot wait to see your life unfold, and I'm so thankful to have you here tagging along with me each day. You grow funnier and more friendly by the week, and you LOVE being around people and out and about. Thanks for making me smile a million times a day. Your Dad feels the same way :)

Sadie's First Birthday- check.

Now for Christmas. We spent a hearty week in Kentucky with my family, and despite a wicked stomach bug, we really enjoyed our time with them and friends. Sadie definitely enjoyed Christmas more this morning. Last year she was 6 weeks old. She pulled paper and jumped into playing with new toys with her cousins.
Speaking of cousins, here they are. Why can't 4 kids smile at the same time?

Gracie was really sweet to show Sadie how to have a proper tea party.

And a nice picture from Christmas Eve with my parents...
Next post- New Years (even though you're all over it)


  1. omg we have the teapot too and LOVE it! :)

  2. Love that you are back at it! I adore that photo of Sadie in front of the tree with the reindeer antlers on!!!