Monday, December 13, 2010

Must Watch

Do you know if you get the Sundance channel? Because I didn't realize that I do or what a gem it is....Two shows you should add to your DVR.
1. This guy has the best job ever- globe trotting buyer for Anthropologie. Do hear sighs of jealousy? Oh wait, that was me.
2. Girl on the Run- for all you fashion fans, take the opportunity to follow around Madamoiselle Agnes through her various high profile escapades. Really interesting and non-romantisized perspective on the ebb and flow of fashion. I just watched the Winter 2010/2011 Paris Fashion week issue, and it may have opened my eyes to see all of this in a new way. Plus I love her for wearing real fur when no one else has the guts. Sorry animal lovers. I love them too, but I'm not opposed to wearing them. Sorry. At least my pieces are vintage...doesn't that make them more friendly? I think Rachel Zoe says that...
Thanks to and to for the pictures.

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  1. SO Interesting! I'll have to DVR them- thanks for sharing. What time are they on? XO- Excited to see you all soon!