Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Year Ago...

Some of you may remember this unfortunate incident. Although he looks like a furry friend, Mo Wrigley was not. We attempted to rescue Mo from the Lab rescue. We gave him a super cool name, Wrigley, only to be randomly attacked. No kidding! We returned him. I sobbed...despite the attacks, I'd grown attached.

The next day we came to understand why I'd bawled my eyes out. I was pregnant :) It is amazing to think about how different things are now. Can I get a what what from all you new parents out there? I can definitely still remember what life before Sadie was like, but I wouldn't trade in that cute little peanut for anything. I remember feeling really speechless when I found out I was pregnant. It took Stephen about an hour to realize that I wasn't kidding. Then the daydreaming began, and now here we are living in this. It is just really unbelievable how much things can change- and how they can be even sweeter than you could ever imagine.

In other recent news...
You know you're married to a CPA when...
We're almost at the end of another busy season for Stephen's work. We can't wait to have this one under our belt. Stephen has been such a trooper- Sadie and I are so proud!

Since Stephen's been so crazy busy, these folks came and paid a visit...
How cute are they? We had a great week. They helped so much with Sadie and helped me get caught up (and ahead) on some around the house type items. Thanks, Mom and Dad- you're the best!

Sadie is really chugging along. Her 4 month check up went well. It's fun to watch her learning and starting to really play. Notice the focus below.
More to come soon! Sorry that I've been MIA!


  1. Gosh, I am ready to visit again was it just last week?

  2. Good old Glen and Becky :) Can't believe the dog incident (and the hey you're having a baby! incident) were a year ago..wow, time flies!

  3. Amazing what a difference a year can make! Crazy to consider what is going to happen in the upcoming year... I can't wait :) Much love to you.