Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Per Request: A Good Sadie Update

For those of you who aren't super excited to hear a bunch of baby talk, you may want to come back for my next post. This is a full Sadie update, per request of family and long distance friends.
Here is a picture of our little family. Just wanted yall to remember that Stephen and I are still here. Unfortunately, this picture was NOT taken on St. Patrick's Day. We just love green this much everyday.
I have to remind myself that just because I'm in the mood to wear whatever color, doesn't mean that Sadie is in the mood to wear it. We end up looking alike way too often. I'm working on it.
In other news, Sadie is a string bean, and we're working hard for her to gain some lbs., per Dr's orders. So this has started...and it's adorable. She sucks on her lips between bites and just about makes a fish face. So cute.
She's tried Rice cereal, bananas, apples, pears, and prunes (due to a bad encounter with some iron enhanced vitamins).
Stephen is going to be really happy that I put up a picture of him making an "eating face." He teases me that I'm doing that really bad. I tried to tell him it is my way of teaching her how to use the spoon correctly. :)
Another fatherly influence that Stephen has asserted is hair brushing. Last weekend, he thought it would be a good idea to part Sadie's wet hair on the other side. It looked nuts. I think she thought it was really funny. Her hair is curling- pretty exciting/scary. Here's how it turned out. Don't worry, we took her to church like this.
This one shows it way better. Plus, how cute does she look in that big chair?
It basically stuck straight up in the back.

On a totally random note, I used this for the first time last week:
All I can say is MAGIC. Don't be afraid. You won't drown. Just breathe through your mouth. Spring is the perfect time to give a Neti pot a whirl. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mom for this gift.

I will also try to put a video of Sadie in action up soon. I tried to do one this post, but it was too large for blogger. Stay tuned.


  1. OH oh oh! I adore these updates of your life with Sadie! When I read your words I can just hear your voice through them and that makes me happy. I'm also pretty excited about Sadie's new somewhat curly hair, darling!

  2. Sadie is cute, of course. Netti pots scare me though.