Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holidays at Our House

I'm totally late doing this, but here's a recap of our Thanksgiving and an on time taste of our Christmas. This was the first time we celebrated Turkey Day at our house, which was great! We clearly made way too much food, which was also great :) All the food you see below was for four people.
My sweet mom thought it would be fine to use jumbo marshmallows on the sweet potato cassarole.
Here we are walking the turkey off on the Tobacco Trail. Yes, Sunny and Sam also celebrated with us. So cute!That is Sadie in a sling- I'm not pregnant again.

Now on to Christmas-
This is my first full size tree! Hooray! I decided to go with the large retro white lights, and they look great. However, its pretty bright. This picture is not; its dark. Sorry.We head out to Colorado this weekend to be with the Foster's- can't wait! Please pray for our flight, especially since it is our first with our little one. I'm also praying for a blizzard (once we get there)!

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