Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy One Month Birthday, Sadie!

It's a weird dynamic. I'd love to say that I can't believe that a full month has gone by since Sadie was born, but some days (like last Tuesday), I can tell that I'm tired, that we've come so far, and that we've learned so much about each other. The past month has been so full- full of blessings, family, friends, challenges, triumphs, and I don't really even know how to record it here. I can say that in the blur of it all, God has been so incredibly faithful to us. He's sustaining and providing, and I am so very thankful.
There has been a lot of this:
But when I see this:
And this:
It makes it all totally worth it. Sadie melts my heart, and I've completely fallen in love with my husband all over again.
Month One, check! We survived, with flair. Sadie gets more precious each day, and sometimes I just love her so much I think my heart my I kiss those chubby cheeks as much as I possibly can.
Thanks to Amy Free for the incredible pictures!


  1. AMAZING! LOVE IT. beautiful photos of a beautiful family- inside and out:)

  2. That just totally made me cry! Love you all!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about your heart exploding.... Love to all!