Saturday, November 7, 2009

We did it!

Here is how the whole thing unfolded...
At 5:30 pm on Tuesday, I started having contractions. They were different than the ones I'd had before, but I wasn't 100% sure it was the real deal. By 9 pm, they were less than 5 minutes apart, so I called the Doctor. He said to come on in, and they'd check things out. I got there, they checked everything, and told us to walk the halls for the next hour (hoping my water would break). My water didn't break, but things progressed, so they said we were going to have a baby! We were finally admitted and checked into our Labor and Delivery Room around 12:30 am.
Here I am checked into our room...
After a long night (that is completely a blur), I was finally ready to push at about 7 am on Wednesday. At 9:20, sweet little Sadie Katherine made her debut!
She was 7 lbs. 14 oz and 21-1/2" long...
I don't really know how to start to explain how awesome this experience was. As more time passes, it becomes more awesome. I'll be honest, laboring was probably the most challenging thing I've ever done. Let me also say that Stephen was the most encouraging and supportive and tender coach. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I think in the 12 hours we were in Labor and Delivery, he may have left my side for a total of 3 minutes. He is the best- and I felt so incredibly loved. God was so faithful to give us the strength to endure. I had two major times when I wanted to totally throw in the towel. I am thankful for the presence of the Holy Spirit that carried us through. I got scared close to the end, and I realized that God designed this process, and He would carry it through to completion. He did, and here we are enjoying our daughter...
About an hour after Sadie was born, my parents arrived after driving through the night from Kentucky.
We were excited to have visitors! Jayme and Megan dropped by to meet Sadie and give us hugs of congratulations. Our friends and family have been so incredibly encouraging during this whole pregnancy and yet again during this new phase. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Things are changing for us, but it couldn't be sweeter or more rewarding.

The picture above is cute, but we kept laughing at her security tag. She looked like she was on house arrest.

I'm going to post more on coming home and our happenings around the house as soon as I can.

Thank you again to everyone for the phone calls, emails, and prayers. We couldn't have made it through without you and will continue to lean on your encouragement in the coming days, weeks, and months. We thank God for placing each of you in our lives.

We introduce you to Sadie with great pride and yet complete humility. Can't wait to share her with you.


  1. Welcome home!! So glad Megan and I were able to come visit you guys and meet Sadie. She sure is adorable and I just love all her hair!! Hope things are going well for you as you adjust to your new life as a family of 3. So happy for you guys!!

    And Sarah, you look great!

  2. She is a little beautiful bundle of joy!! So proud of you friend, you'll be an incredible mom! Missing you terribly and wishing I could me sweet Sadie soon soon soon!!! Love to you and Stephen!!!

  3. Hooray! Did you go drug-less? You are a rockstar! She is precious!! Congrats to you ... hope you are enjoying every second!

  4. Love this post. So glad all is well.

  5. We're so excited for you guys. Congrats. We look forward to meeting Sadie. We hope that you're getting more sleep than us.

  6. so excited for you!!!!!!!!! kisses to sweet sadie from sloane and her family!!!

  7. Congrats you guys!!!! Can't wait to meet little Sadie!!!!

  8. She is adorable! Congratulations!!!