Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our First Two Weeks

Sorry I've been MIA! I know it is okay and expected, but I still feel bad. Here's a brief look at our first two weeks together...
Riding home from the hospital
The crazy thing about this birthing process is that I didn't cry. I actually had been afraid that when I went into labor, I would become a huge puddle of tears and mush. Something supernatural came over me, and I put on my game face like never before. It really was an out of body experience. However, when we packed up our things to leave the hospital, the hugeness of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks. In the picture below, Sadie has on the dress that my dad and I wore home from the hospital. Yes, my manly dad wore a dress and satin booties home from the hospital. When I slipped the dress over her head, I realized how special this moment was, and how it would only happen once. Stephen and I were bringing our daughter home. The tears flowed...
Gram and Pops are totally in love (and I love this picture).
First bath (she screamed her head off)
We learned after her bath that she LOVES having her hair brushed. I think we might have a quirky kid on our hands. Check out this she krumping? More importantly, whatever she is doing she is doing it in leg warmers.
On Sadie's one week birthday!
Sadie is learning to play with some little toys, and it is really cute.
Tuckered out
Playing with Stephen on his birthday
I could write so much more about these last two weeks, but I think it would start to sound like a personal journal entry. I have learned so much and feel so different. Living life with our new schedule is a huge adjustment in and of itself (can I get a what what from all nursing mothers?). My mom was an INCREDIBLE help, and it was hard putting her on a plane back to KY yesterday. The good news is that my wonderful in-law's come late tomorrow night, and then my parents come back next Tuesday for Turkey Day. This is when it is really hard to not live close to any family, but I know God will continue to provide for us. All of our friends here have shown us so much love- providing meals, flowers, gifts, words of encouragement, prayers, and more. We feel so blessed by our community here. Thank you to everyone that has helped us survive these first two weeks! From the bottom of our hearts, we can't thank you enough!


  1. Yea Fosters! And, happy belated birthday Stephen!


  2. love that krumping picture...too funny! let me know when your up for a friday walk, thru the mall maybe since it's starting to get cold. can't wait to catch up!!

  3. Thanks for posting pictures!! I love the tidbit about her liking to have her hair brushed- so funny :) Love you family!!

  4. She is so stinkin sweet! So proud of you momma!!! Love you, ash