Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Things I Want

1. New art for my house. Any and all of these would do.

(top to bottom: Jeanne Bessette, Sharon Bass, and Pat Pilkington. All through Art Source in Raleigh.)

2. This Gucci bag. The $2500 is pocket change.
3. Super cute dress from Anthropologie. The back is adorable.

4. Doesn't this stretchy denim pencil skirt from Garnet Hill seem like a great idea?

5. I really want an insulated ice bucket, and I want to custom design and monogram it. This one is from Dabney Lee at Home, and my friend Jamie can also cook one up at Furbish, sans monogram (as far as I know).

Clearly, I could add some things to this list like shorts, new shoes, a curling iron (I know, super random), and more. Maybe I'll be back with some more fun ideas.

Maybe I just want spring to hurry up and get here :)


  1. have you sufficiently recovered from the curling iron incident of your youth to have one in your home now?

  2. Hey! I'm friends with John and Alison and saw you at the birthday party. I am good friends with Pat Pilkington and have a few of her pieces in my house. She is so great and loves the Lord so much!