Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Montana Memoirs, Chapter Two

While we were in Montana, we got to spend two different days in Glacier National Park. It is really incredible. The first day was spent with the whole family. We drove the Road to the Sun and hiked the Hidden Lake trail at Logan's Pass. If you look at the picture below, the Road to the Sun is the horizontal line in the backdrop. The views are incredible. This little deck is where is stopped to eat our lunch.
While hiking, we came across two goats- the symbol of the park. They were clearly happy to be around people.
Here's the hidden lake- beautiful glacier blue

We'd never used a baby carrier like this one before, and Sadie LOVED it. She was all smiles.
Except when I tried to have a mini-photo shoot with her in a small meadow. Oh, well. This one is still cute.
One more for good measure....
We took about one million pictures of the scenery in West Glacier, but I'm sparing you some of those because my next post (about day two in Glacier) is going to be mostly scenery. Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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