Sunday, July 18, 2010

TIMBER! And this week's obsession

This has been going on at our house:
We had a couple of trees that were dying and threatening to fall on our house. Lovely. Isn't that how you wanted to spend your tax return? Actually, we got a great deal. And it was fascinating to watch them take them down. Our yard is kind of a disaster zone due to the trucks, but it's bouncing back.
Moving on to the obsession of the week...
Let's talk about some more food. My great friend Sarah is here visiting, and all weekend I've been getting flack about a question I asked her within about 10 minutes of her arrival- Do you like Mediterranean Deli's? Random I know. I won't bore you with the rest of the dialog, but the bottom line is that, yes, I have fallen in L.O.V.E. with M.D.'s. Here are the two local ones that I've given a whirl. Neomande (thank you, Amy Free) and Mediterranean Deli (Med Deli to the loc's) in Chapel Hill. The highlights: chicken salad with golden raisins, multiple flavors of hummus, and can anyone say pita? I personally prefer Neomande's chicken salad and Med Deli's pitas (they're warm and slightly crispy on the outside). I want to eat at either of these places ALL OF THE TIME. Be sure and go. Sorry that I don't have any fun pictures. Just trust me.
Another food morsel...
This is one of my all time favorite desserts.
It's a sherbet watermelon. Here's how you do it.
Shopping list: raspberry sherbet, lime sherbet, and dark chocolate mini chips
You probably will need two medium size containers of each sherbet, and you'll probably have just a tad of each left over (depending upon the size of your bowl)
Prep work: Let the sherbet sit out and soften.
1. Line a large mixing bowl with lime sherbet.
2. In another bowl mix raspberry sherbet and mini chocolate chips (dark chocolate is best in all circumstances, this one included)
3. Spoon the raspberry mix into the center of the bowl lined with lime sherbet.
4. Spread it out and make the top flat.
5. Cover and place in the freezer, preferably over night.
To serve, let thaw for 20 or so minutes. Remove the Saran Wrap (or whatever you've used). Place a platter on top of the bowl, and flip the contents over. If properly thawed, the "watermelon" will drop out. When you slice it, it will look like watermelon slices. Cute.
This is a fun and easy recipe that kids and adults love. Enjoy.

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