Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We LOVE when we get to visit Colorado.  Every time we go, I fully expect to have to talk about moving there on the airplane ride home.  

We flew in Saturday morning so we could go to Coleman's wedding Saturday night.  It was a really great wedding (despite the rain).  The ceremony had so much truth and meat, and anyone that knows Coleman will not be surprised that it was full of personality and fashion statements.  Coleman and his groomsmen looked straight off The Sartorialist blog (which everyone should be checking out if you don't already).  

Jenny & Luke Smith, Stephen & me, & Coleman with his lovely bride Kalee.

We worked at the Ranch (see below) with Brian and his wife Kira- it was so great to see them!

Jenny and me- she was smart and brought a jacket.

Sunday brought us an impromptu trip to the Ranch (Lost Valley, for those who aren't familiar).  I'm so thankful for this place.  I worked here the summer after I graduated from Samford, and it proved to be a life changing experience.  I met my wonderful husband there, learned spiritual lessons that I'll NEVER forget, and met some of the most incredible people.  Enjoy some pictures (again, despite the rain):

This was my first time to experience cattle at the Ranch.  They weren't there my summer because there was a major forest fire the summer  before.  These little beaut's were super cute- would have loved to spend a summer with them.

I love my in law's!  They were wonderful hosts.

I mean how gorgeous are Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods?!


  1. Love the blog. You look amazing in your dress! One hot mamma!!

  2. looks like you guys had a great time! i would love to get out to CO again sometime, so beautiful!!